Real Green Solar Silicon

Sustainability meets Innovation

What we do

Silicon is the raw material for modern solar cells and a sustainable production of silicon the foundation for renewable energy. Recycling silicon is the first step to a carbon-neutral silicon production. The second step is using renewable raw materials.

Recycling Silicon Kerf

During production of solar cells half of the silicon is lost as silicon waste. We up-cycle this low-quality waste to high-quality silicon metal. This can be used as a fresh feedstock for production of solar silicon and subsequently solar cells.

Renewable Solar Silicon

Production of silicon consumes quartz and coal. Every solar cell is thus connected to the consumption of fossile resources. We work on a technology to produce silicon from renewable raw materials – rice hulls and sugar.

Vision & Mission

Provide real green and affordable solar energy.

Create the world’s first carbon-neutral solar silicon producer.

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What else we offer

Throughout our own entrepreneurial journey, we came across different services and products we would like to improve. To follow our ideas, we set up new ventures. 

Services focussing on raw materials and recycling.

A one-stop-shop for easy and cost-effctive supply of silicon.

Latest News

Join us in San Antonio, TX (USA)

At this years TMS in San Antonio, TX (USA), we will give a comprehensive overview on activities around the globe focussing on recycling solutions.

JPM Silicon awarded at EIT Grand Final

JPM Silicon is awarded as one of Europe’s most innovatives projects in the field of raw material recycling

EIT Joint Grand Final 2018

We belong to the top five innovative startups within the EIT Raw Material community.