We develop and implement green technologies for silicon production to be used in solar cells and e-mobility. We enable companies to build sustainable business models and solutions.


Carbon-neutral silicon for real green solar energy.

As technology developers, we develop future technologies in the field of silicon production and recycling. As a raw material company, we produce and supply silicon and related raw  materials. As a service provider, we use our technology and industry knowledge to develop sustainable solutions and business models. 

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Sustainable silicon production

We produce silicon metal by recycling silicon waste from solar cell production. We sell our silicon to the aluminum, chemical and solar industry.

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From raw materials to recycling

We develop and implent technologies for raw material production. This includes primary production from renewable raw materials and secondary production from by-products and waste materials. Our focus is on silicon production and its use in solar cells. Our vision is to create the world’s first carbon-neutral silicon producer.

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Technology-driven management and strategy consulting

We provide management and strategy consulting in demanding and technology-driven projects and business models. We focus on young high-tech companies with disruptive solutions.

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